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APRIL 2022
Article published by the Medical Faculty at Lund University on tumor research carried out by TERM group

The Medical Faculty at Lund University interviewed Deepak Raina and Yang Liu about a supplement treatment for solid tumour by using Hydroxyapatite, a bone mineral, as a carrier system to deliver the cytostatic drug, Doxorubicin, more precisely to the cancer cells.

Read more in the article published at the LU website 13 of April 2022.

Link to full text article

New Investigator Recognition Award (NIRA) nominations at ORS 2022

Two researchers from the TERM group at the Lund University, Deepak Raina and Sujeesh Sebastian have been nominated for the prestigious New Investigator Recognition Award (NIRA) at the ORS 2022 Annual Meeting.

Granted access to European supercomputer HPC Vega

We have been granted an allotted time of one year on the European supercomputer HPC Vega to run modelling of drug accretion to apatite. The focus is to apply theoretical methods for the study of structure and function of hydroxyapatite combined with drug molecules like bisphosphonates and Doxorubicin.The mathematical modelling will be performed by PhD Martin Olsson.

Research grant of 5.2 MSEK awarded by The Swedish Research Council for tumor research to TERM Group

TERM group at the Lund University has received a grant of 5.2 MSEK from the Swedish Research Council to further our work in the field of solid tumor. The project is titled ‘Bio-modulation: Targeting bone disease by a Trojan horse. Repurposing old drugs to treat bone cancers’. TERM group has discovered a novel way of using nano and micro apatite particles as a local target and a carrier for drugs directed at solid tumor. The project will be supported by the Swedish Research Council for a period of 4 years.

Interview with Rapidus

Rapidus interviewed Lars Lidgren and Deepak Raina, where they discussed about the company, future research and development of tumor and infection project.

Link to the article:

ORS 2022 Annual Meeting

Abstract submitted by TERM group for ORS 2022 Annual Meeting highlighting research work in the area of tumor and bone infection.

JUNE 2021
Crafoord Foundation

Scientific research grant of  400 000 SEK was awarded to our research group at the Lund University by the Crafoord Foundation to further our research in bone regeneration.

ORS 2021 Annual Meeting

Prof Magnus Tägil presented a follow up study of patients that underwent treatment for fractures of the hand in one of the largest hand surgery cohorts. Deepak Raina presented his data on the comparison of the bone forming potential of a new osteoinductive protein.Yang Liu presented data showing zoledronic acid increases the binding of a tumor drug doxorubicin to HA particles and leads to a stronger tumor killing effect in-vitro.

Equity Capital

We raised a capital of 3.5 MSEK in two internal rounds of funding.